Diploma in Commerce

Admission Requirements: 

A. Applicants should be in full-time employment and must be 25 years and above at the time of applying.

B. For direct entry, applicants must possess any one of the following (from i-vii)

(i) Professional Accountancy Certificate with a minimum of Part 1 of

- Institute of Chartered Accountants (Ghana),
- Chartered Institute of Management Accountants,
- Association of Certified Chartered Accountants,
- Institute of Bankers,
- Ghana Accounting Technicians Examination (GAT) /Accounting Technicians Scheme West Africa (ATSWA)

In addition to the above applicants should possess 3 credits at G.C.E. ‘0’ Level under Business option including credits in Mathematics, English and Principles of Accounting I Financial Accounting. SSCE / WASSCE under Business option, including credits in Mathematics, English and Principles of Accounting / Financial Accounting.

(ii) G.C.E. ‘A’ Level with at least 2 passes not lower than grade D in subjects including Accounting or Business Management. In addition, they must possess credits at G.C.E. ‘0’ level in Mathematics and English.

(iii) G.C.E. ‘0’ Level with aggregate 15 or better in 5 subjects including credits in English language, Mathematics and Principles of Accounting.

(iv) WASSCE / SSSCE with aggregate 16 or better in 6 subjects, including passes in English Language, Mathematics and Financial Accounting.

(v) Advanced Business Certificate Examination / Ghana Commercial Examination (Advanced) RSA / Stage III with passes in three (3) subjects including Financial Accounting and Economics.

(vi) Ghana Commercial Examination / General Business Certificate Examination / RSA Stage II with passes in 5 subjects including Accounting, Business Management and English language.

(vii) London Chamber· of Commerce – Intermediate with three (3) passes in subjects including Financial Accounting, Economics and Management.