Computer Science Education

In order to enable students of the Faculty of Education gain greater competence, confidence and experience in the art of teaching and thereby strengthen their professional practice as teachers, the Faculty of Education has decided to set aside the first semester of the final year of all programmes in the Faculty for teaching practice by final year students.  It is in response to this decision of the Faculty of Education that the Department of Science and Mathematics Education is reviewing its Bachelor of Education (Computer Science) programme. This is to ensure students cover enough the essential aspects of the science education programme within seven semesters of course work and also have enough practice teaching which is an essential aspect of the programme.

The effective use of information technology and knowledge is becoming the most critical factor for rapid economic growth worldwide.  The emerging information, knowledge and the technological revolution are heralding a new age.  Computer use is now the order of the day.  In classrooms, offices, industry, commerce and in all walks of life, the computer has become indispensable resource in the production and distribution processes.

To achieve the aspirations of the vision to transform Ghana into a high income driven economy, information rich knowledge-base technology and a society addressing the key developmental challenges, the government has commenced a programme to develop information and communication technology to enable the country gain fuller access to benefits of globalization.  But it is only when schools begin to develop high quality information technology systems with the goal of creating technologically literate citizens will students be prepared to meet the challenges and expectations of the current information- age society.  Hence, the integration of computers into the classroom is a major issue in education today.  Teachers need to know how and when they must integrate ICT into teaching-learning situations.

Acquiring the skills of computer application and usage have now been enshrined into the curriculum at all levels of the country’s educational system.  The overarching problem, however, is that, there are few trained professional teachers to teach the skill in the schools.

To address this problem there is a need for a B.Ed (Computer Science) programme to produce professional computer science teachers who can teach computing at all levels of education, teach the use of computers  as teaching and learning tool to other teachers, and also develop instructional software for teachers in educational institutions.

The goal of the programme is to produce competent graduates who would be able to meet appropriate standards in the knowledge and understanding required for effective subject teaching, classroom management and students’ assessment.
The objectives of the programme are to:

  1. equip students with the requisite knowledge and skills that will make them competent to teach Computer Science in schools and colleges;
  2. provide foundation for further education in Computer Science Education;
  3. equip students with the relevant knowledge and skills to enable them develop instructional software.

Admission Requirements: 

In addition to Core English, Core Mathematics and Integrated Science, candidates must pass Social Studies. Also, candidates must have obtained passes in three (3) of the following elective subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.