Agricultural Economics

Programme Rationale
The prevailing socio-economic conditions of the country and the international arena require that students follow programmes that adequately prepare them for academic performance and professional development. The existing programme had a major deficiency in that it gave little space for four main areas of agricultural economics, namely: Econometrics; Economic Statistics; Mathematical Economics and Research Methods which were subsumed under Quantitative and Research Methods. Furthermore, it may be noted that the frameworks and techniques of analysis used in Agricultural Economics require more detailed computing than is expected in computing for Research.The review of the programme therefore takes on additional courses, expansion of existing courses and provision of elective courses for specialized in-depth treatment.
Goals/Objectives of the Programme

The overall goal of the programme is to produce post graduates with a good grounding in the theory and practice of Agricultural Economics and is able to contribute significantly to agricultural development.
The Programme is designed to equip graduates of Agricultural Economics with the necessary knowledge and skills in advanced economics of Agriculture. Candidates undertaking the programme will on completion have the capacity to:

  • Analyze, design and implement farm production plans for profitable farm management and control
  • Understand Agricultural marketing organization, policy and international trade
  • Engage in the formulation of Agricultural development policies, plans and strategies
  • Plan, implement and evaluate Agricultural projects
  • Design and conduct research on the policy aspects of the economics of Agriculture.Understand economic development from a broader perspective

Programme Structure

Students will complete a total of 10 courses for a total of 30 credit hours in Year I. Year II will be devoted to research work.

Admission Requirements: 

Candidates seeking admission into M.Phil. in Agricultural Economics must have obtained a good baccalaureate degree at least Second Class Lower Division or better from a recognised institution or Cumulative Grade Point (CGPA) of 2.5 on a 1 - 4 scale or its equivalence in agriculture or related field. Considerable working experience preferably in Agriculture is desirable but not required. A considerable working experience will be an advantage but not a prerequisite. Candidates for M.Phil in Agricultural Economics must possess a good first degree in agriculture with a significant amount of economics to be admitted into the programme.