Computer Science

The science of using computers to solve problems describing the exciting field of computer science.Most often, this involvesdesigning software(Computer programmes) and addressing fundamental scientific questions about the nature of computation. It may also many aspects of hardware and architecting the large computer systems that form the infrastructure of commercial and government establishments. This programme is designed for students who are interested in the study of computers and computer systems. It is intended to develop our under-graduate students to meet the challenges of self-employment and as professionals in the various sectors and institutions of the economy. The syllabus is designed with the primary purpose of producing graduates who are capable of applying the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of computing acquired in solving problems arising in industries, business, commerce,education,medicine,government,agriculture and the society in general and to stimulate development and research in these areas.
Aims and Objectives

  • To provide our students with a sound theoretical and practical training in computing to enable  them acquire the required skills needed to be successful innovators and entrepreneurs.
  • To equip our students to be able to provide service in the oil and manufacturing industries, financial institutions, business, educational institutions and government agencies and many others.
  • To provide Computer Science graduates who are academically equipped to take advance courses in computer science and related disciplines, thus stimulating development research in these areas.

Admission Requirements: 

Post-Senior Secondary School Candidates
The entry requirements are the same as for the School of Physical Sciences.

However, in the case of COMPUTER SCIENCE:
(i) Candidates must have passes in Core English, Core Mathematics and Core Science.
(ii) In addition to the above, candidates must have obtained aggregate 10 or better in Elective Mathematics and Physics and any one (1) Elective subject.