Classics and Philosophy



In the Department of Classics and Philosophy, we offer single honours in Philosophy and Classics. We also offer combined honours either in Classics and Philosophy and other subjects in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. The following provides information on the credit workload for first and second semester. First year students are required to do a minimum of four credits each for semesters one (1) and two (2) in the Department of Classics and Philosophy.  In Semester one (1), you are expected to take a two (2) credit hour course in Classics, CLA 101: Introduction to Greek Civilization and a (two) 2 credit hour course in Philosophy, PHL 101: Problems of Philosophy. In the second semester, you are required to offer a two (2) credit hour course in Classics, CLA 102: Introduction to Roman Civilization and an additional two (2) credit hour course in Philosophy, PHL 102: Introduction to Moral Philosophy.

Second year students are also required to do a minimum of six (6) credits in each semester. If you are a second year student, you might either choose two (2) courses in Classics and one (1) course in Philosophy to make up your six (6) credits or vice versa. For instance, a student might want to choose PHL 202: Introduction to Metaphysics, PHL 204: Philosophy of Science and CLA 210: Rome: From City-State to Imperial State in the second semester.

Third and fourth year students of the department are required to do a minimum of fifteen (15) credit work load in an academic year. The Department of Classics and Philosophy does not train single honours in the strictest sense. This is because our department is a composite one. Most of our students are trained as combined honours. On this note, students are required to do a minimum of 15 credits in each of these combined majors. However, students taking Classics and Philosophy as combined honours are regarded as our single honours due to the composite nature of the department and are also required to do a minimum of fifteen (15) credits both in Classics and Philosophy in one academic year. By the end of your programme in the University of Cape Coast, you should have done a minimum of one hundred and twenty (120) credit hours. Anything short of that will mean you will not be graduating.

If you have any difficulty in choosing your courses, kindly visit the Department Registration Officer for guidance.



Admission Requirements: 


Candidates must have passes in six (6) subjects with overall aggregate of 20 (twenty) or better. Three of the six subjects must be core subjects (including English Language, Integrated Science and Mathematics) at grade ‘D’ or better and three must be in English Literature, History, French, Christian Religious Studies, Islamic Studies, Ghanaian Languages, (Akan/Ewe/Ga), Music, and Government.  A good grade in Social Studies is an advantage.

 Diploma Holders 

A good teacher’s diploma (at a minimum of Second Class Division) obtained from one of the former diploma awarding institutions, the University of Cape Coast (DASSE) or equivalent institutions with at least two (2) years post qualification teaching/working experience.  The diploma must be in one of the following subjects: English, French, Religious Studies, Ghanaian Language and Music.

All candidates must pass an interview.  

 (3)       Mature Candidates

Candidates who are at least 25 years old and who successfully pass the entrance examination and interview.