Basic Education

The major goal of the Department of Basic Education is to train highly qualified teachers in both content and pedagogy. The programme prepares teachers with a global outlook in basic education, who have the knowledge and skills needed to promote effective teaching and learning in basic schools. The programme reflects the University of Cape Coast strategic vision which aims at training teachers with cutting-edge research and technological knowledge to empower children and young adults to become collaborative, independent and lifelong learners. 

The programme focuses on critical thinking, reflective practice and ethical behaviour that enable graduates to be pedagogical leaders in basic education. Graduates from this programme will develop deep conceptual and practical understanding of the Ghanaian national policy and curriculum documents as well as international practices informing basic education.

The goals of the B. Ed (Basic Education) programme are to continue to serve as a catalyst that influences teaching and learning in teacher education institution by producing high calibre professionals with solid background in childhood education, management and administration, to improve primary school work as well as serving teachers in the classroom.The department will produce broad-based and competent teachers who would be able to function in several sectors of today’s Basic Education systems.

Admission Requirements: 


Candidates must have passes in Core Mathematics, Core English and Integrated Science or Social Studies.

In addition, candidates must have passes in three (3) elective subjects selected from category a, b, or c.

  1. Literature in English, Ghanaian Language (Akan/Ewe/Dagare/Ga), Religious Studies, History, French.


  1. Elective Mathematics, Geography, Economics


  1. Elective Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology



Candidates with Teacher’s Diploma from a recognized institution in Basic Education.

Diploma in Basic Education applicants with a minimum of 2nd Class Lower Division will be admitted into B.Ed (Basic Education) at Level 200.


Applicants should ensure that the following documents are submitted together with their Application Form.

A certified academic transcript and certificates.