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About UCC

The University of Cape Coast is an equal opportunity University that is uniquely placed to provide quality education through the provision of comprehensive, liberal and professional programmes that challenge learners to be creative, innovative and morally responsible citizens.

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Presently, the University has restructured its degree programmes by de-coupling the study of professional education courses from the main degree course. The University is organised into five (5) Colleges and fourteen (14) Faculties/Schools headed by Provosts and Deans respectively.


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The University of Cape Coast began as a College in October, 1962, as a result of a recommendation of an international commission appointed by the Ghana Government in December, 1960. Approximately 40% of students are admitted into the Faculty of Education to pursue Bachelor of Education programmes qualifying as professional teachers, and the rest into non-education programmes in the other Faculties. See details of enrollment figure from 1963 to date.

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Cape Coast was founded by the people of Oguaa. It was however controlled by various colonial administrations from the 16th Century. The Swedish, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch and the British have all administered the city in the course of its colonial history. It was the seat of the British colonial government in the then Gold Coast until it was moved to Accra in 1877. The land area of Cape Coast is mostly sloppy with many hills and valleys. The temperature is humid with the sea breeze providing a cool ambience. The locals are chiefly involved in fishing and related activities.